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***UPDATE: The information below was written BEFORE the April 7th deadline. Zillow and Trulia have now officially stopped receiving listing data from the ListHub syndication service. If your brokerage or MLS do not have a syndication solution in place, then your listings are NOT automatically appearing on the two biggest...

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In order to provide our customers with a one-of-a-kind experience, we are constantly striving to update and upgrade our products and services. We have received a lot of feedback regarding the recently released new theme for your single property sites, and have completed a series of updates and bug fixes to the new theme. Here...

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Facebook recently rolled out a new feature that lets you advertise on Facebook specifically to people who have previously interacted with your website(s). This is called the “Custom Audience Pixel” and is a fantastic new tool that lets you re-target people who may have been previously interested in your listings...

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We have new design updates for our members! Wider Page Layout: Single Property Sites now offers its members wider page designs. Members can now select the wide, 1050px layout, making their Single Property Sites bigger and wider for new prospects. The wider page layout is in a much higher resolution, giving your new prospect...