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Are single property sites becoming the standard of real estate listings? If you’re an agent, then you know the nuances of different listing platforms and its effect on the performance of a listing. With the rise of the Internet users across the globe, it also practical to optimize your listing for the web.   Did...

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In order to help you get the most out of your property marketing with Single Property Sites, we have created a whole collection of great looking print-quality flyers for marketing your listings! These new flyers are all included at no extra charge as part of the Single Property Sites service. The flyer system allows you...

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We have further improved our Real Estate Sign Riders, and have included some smart new design options for you to pick from! The attractive new design options include: Beautiful color options to match your company’s branding and logo. Enhanced layout styles Customizable text Improved lead capture methods The new...

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              We have been hard at work over the past months with getting some of our great new features finalized and launched. One of our most recent new features has just been released – our new and improved sign riders for property marketing and lead capture! We have updated...