New Study Reveals Best Time to Sell a House

sell-homesIf you have been thinking about putting your house up for sale, get ready. A new study conducted by researchers at Zillow has shown that there is a specific month when houses sell faster and homeowners should try to sell their homes, and that month is May.

The study found that on average, homes listed May 1st through 15th sold 18.5 days quicker than those listed outside of that timeframe. Additionally, homes that sold within that same timeframe were purchased for approximately 1 percent more than the average listing. While 1 percent doesn’t sound like much, it is still an additional premium of about $1,700.

With the spring housing season freshly kicking off and record low home inventory, the housing market is highly competitive. This holds true even more so for metro areas that experience intense seasonal changes, as more people search for homes once the weather is nice out. States with warmer climates such as California tend to see a bit more flexibility.

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