The Top 10 Best Cities to be a Real Estate Agent in 2015

Each and every one of us works our tail off to make a living in real estate. But many times, we are products of our environments. Some of us live in areas where the market is extremely hot, while others are still struggling a bit to claw back after the housing market crash several years ago.

A new study conducted by SmartAsset revealed the 10 best cities for real estate agents in 2015.

The top 3 cities are:

1) Reno, NV
NAR statistics show the median home value in Reno jumped over 17% between Q1 of 2014 and Q1 in 2015. These higher prices have helped agents to net higher commissions, and the hot market means these agents are doing more business.

2) Lincoln, NE
A high turnover rate combined with a high rate of appreciation means more business and more commissions for agents.

3) Denver, CO
The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Denver agents made a median income of $63,000/year, which is the third-most out of any city in the study.

The remaining cities include:

4) Salem, OR

5) Peoria, IL

6) Port St. Lucie, FL

7) Mobile, AL

8) Eugene, OR

9) Cedar Rapids, IA

10 Las Vegas, NV


Did your city make the list?

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