FEATURE ENHANCEMENT: Changes to SMS text lead capture

We have listened to your recent feedback, and have made some updates to the way the SMS text message lead capture service works.

As part of our Enhanced Lead Capture (ELC) service, every one of your listings is assigned a phone number with a different extension (such as EXT 1000) for buyers to call and receive more information about the property.

One of the ways buyers can use this to receive more information is to send a text message with the unique extension code. They will then receive a text property flyer, link to the mobile site, and your contact info.

Some people were running into problems however, since the system required the buyer to insert the space between “EXT” and “1000” (or whatever the property extension is. We have changed this so it doesn’t matter whether or not they insert the space, or they simply write it all as one word.

For example, “EXT1000” would previously not work (with no spaces). The buyer would have to make sure to type in “EXT {SPACE} 1000”. Now both methods will work. This ensures that you are not missing out on any leads!

Click here to learn more about SMS text lead capture.

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