NEW FEATURE: Market to people who have previously visited your websites

Facebook recently rolled out a new feature that lets you advertise on Facebook specifically to people who have previously interacted with your website(s). This is called the “Custom Audience Pixel” and is a fantastic new tool that lets you re-target people who may have been previously interested in your listings or real estate services, and allows you to get back onto the top of their mind!

We have incorporated this into the SPS Property Marketing system, and have now added a new feature that allows you to utilize the Custom Audience Pixel to your advantage.

So what exactly is the Custom Audience Pixel? Here are a few of the main ways it is used:

The Custom Audience Pixel is basically a way for you to reach people on Facebook who have previously visited your website and deliver them highly relevant ads based on the interest they previously expressed in your listings or services. This means you can:

  • Remarket to people using your website(s)
  • Make your existing Facebook ads more efficient by excluding audiences of people who have already converted on your message
  • Create lookalike audiences of people who look like the people browsing your website

How does the Single Property Websites system utilize Facebook Custom Audience Pixels?

We have added a new field on your user profile page that allows you to input your own Custom Audience Pixel. This will then be put into the HTML on all of your single property websites. You can then utilize Facebook’s advertising platform to create ads for individual property websites and target people who have previously interacted with you.

To learn more about how this whole thing works, read the FAQ section on Facebook Custom Audiences.

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