MAJOR single property site theme updates and bug fixes

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In order to provide our customers with a one-of-a-kind experience, we are constantly striving to update and upgrade our products and services. We have received a lot of feedback regarding the recently released new theme for your single property sites, and have completed a series of updates and bug fixes to the new theme.

Here is a complete list of all updates:

  • Agent’s full address now shows up without error
  • Description under property details showing
  • The white label solution now shows correct credits at bottom of Agent profile page. If there is no agent tagline then this will not appear.
  • Agent’s social media icons and links all work correctly
  • “Assumptions and Disclosures” under financing options are now appearing
  •  The Facebook share link has been improved, making it easier than ever to quickly share property sites to Facebook
  • Image slideshows now included in menu under “Property Information”
  • Video and Virtual Tours were experiencing problems when opened in Internet Explorer. This has been fixed, but you need to make sure that videos and virtual tours are not set to “auto-play” as the video will load straight away.

To see example sites for the new theme, click the links below:

There are still a few big upgrades we have coming down the pipeline, so please let us know how we can help make your experience the best possible.

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