FEATURE ENHANCEMENT: Updated HTML property flyers now look better than ever

In case you didn’t already know, the SPS Property Marketing system allows you to create property flyers in HTML / CSS format and post them to different locations across the Internet. This is especially useful in posting to ActiveRain, any WordPress website, or other platforms that allow you to post HTML or CSS code.

Our old flyers were pretty good, but we wanted them to be GREAT. We have been hard at work completing the following HTML property flyer enhancements, which are now live for all accounts:

  • Flyer design is now more robust and better looking.
  • Previous photo distortion issues have been FIXED.
  • Tidied up layouts for a sleek, clean look
  • All flyers¬† now include Agent, Loan Officer, and Office license data

To see a couple examples of our new flyers, click the links below:

To create a property flyer for any of your single property sites:

1) Make sure the property site is turned on, by clicking the green “Turn On” button to the left of the site in your account dashboard.

2) Click the “Edit & Promote” link to the right of your property site.

Single Property Sites :: Listings Marketing


3) On the “Edit & Promote” page, simply click on the “HTML Flyers” link (pictured below) and follow the instructions to copy the pre-coded HTML for your digital property flyer, and then post this code wherever you want to promote your single property site across the Internet!

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