How to get the most out of your Single Property Website Listings.

Use High Resolution Pictures

Single Property Websites Max Photo
Single Property Website Max Photo size

High resolution pictures matters, especially on the Internet. A lot of buyers want to have a visual image of the property, which then, helps them to visualize themselves, living in the home. Unflattering photos of the home, small sized photos, and even outdated photographs should be avoided. There’s just no excuse for it. It only takes a few second to take a picture of a property.

For better results, make sure to upload an image that is used for “print quality”. These images are usually 1000 pixels wide! The advantage of using high quality photos extends to other areas of Single Property Sites such as creating PDF print flyers, and HTML flyers.

Single Property Sites has a maximum image size of 1500 pixels. So make sure to take advantage of using high quality photos for each of your listings.

Write Elaborative Descriptions

Does your description of the listing paints a picture for the audience? The property description is actually one of the key ingredients in persuading potential buyers to take action. High resolutions pictures and videos, paired with a very strong, persuasive description produces desirable results. Our words can influence a buyer’s perception of a home. So make sure to create interesting, descriptive statements for a listing.

Experiment with different CTAs (Call to Action) to find the best one that gets people to take action! People will respond to different wording variations, and no CTA produces the same effect.

If you’re not getting the desired results for each of your Single Property Site, then maybe it’s time to reword the content of your listings.

Adding Videos!

Don’t be afraid to add videos of each of your listings on your Single Property Sites! Videos will engage more than pictures, and you can add an introduction video, or a video walk through of the listing on your Single Property Sites. According to a recent poll, 90 percent of buyers found videos to be helpful when it comes to deciding whether or not to buy a product. Videos will have a much higher chance of engaging your target audience; it’s one of the reasons why YouTube is the second most used social channel.

Videos can be embedded on your Single Property Websites. You can embed them on the first page, or you can create a new video page on each of your listing’s SPS.
Optimize each of your Single Property Websites!

One of the purposes of using a Single Property Website for each of your listings is to provide potential buyers all the information that they seek about a listing. Make sure to optimize each of your listing’s website with all the necessary information that a potential buyer might inquire! Pictures, videos, elaborate descriptions of the listings, and most importantly, your contact info. These crucial information pieces need to be clearly visible to your audience. Don’t be afraid to add more content/pages to your Single Property Websites: If you think that the information will help persuade potential buyers to take action, then add the extra info.


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