QR Codes are Still Engaging Consumers

Are QR codes still worth using for our real estate marketing campaigns? Yes, we definitely still think so. There have been a lot of noise about the QR code’s death last 2013; many websites were glorifying other alternatives such as custom mobile applications, and even the more advanced alternative to a QR code called Augmented Reality advertising. Compare the QR code to these other alternatives, the QR code does look outdated, but rest assure, QR codes are still surviving. We can still definitely use QR codes in our real estate marketing and get desirable results.


QR codes are still popular and still widely used by digital marketersConsumers are still engaged by QR codes

Did you know that over 750 million Smartphone users all over the world have downloaded a QR scanner app? And in North America, 83% are aware of  QR codes and its purpose.  Also, 47% have used their mobile devices to scan a QR code.


Last 2013, a number of marketers have used QR codes in their marketing campaigns to engage their target audience. Marketers and advertisers used QR codes on their print copies, mobile marketing pieces, websites and also on their social media channels.


When it comes to performance, 34% of marketers said that they were highly effective in getting conversions, while 49% of marketers said that the QR code had a modest effect on the conversion rate.


QR Codes are gaining popularity with a certain age group


According to a 2013 statistics, 57% of mobile scanners are from the 35+ age group. What’s surprising is that last 2012, there were only 41% mobile scanners in this age group. The 16% increase shows that this age group, especially the 45-60 range, are more likely to be engaged in a mobile marketing tactic.


Why is it more popular with the older adults? It is hard to pinpoint the exact reason why there’s an increase in usage of mobile scanning with older adults. Most QR codes and barcodes are used in promotional pieces (coupons, offers, rates & discounts, etc.) and this could be why most older adults are more likely to interact with QR codes than the younger generation.


Wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.


With these statistics, it is still evident that QR codes are still widely used by most digital marketers & advertisers out there, and most importantly, consumers are still responding to QR codes.  QR codes has been around for almost 20 years now and even though there are other more advanced alternatives out there –that will cost an arm and a leg to develop– it will still take time for these new technologies to catch up to the QR code’s global popularity and ease of use. The fact that QR codes are fairly easy to generate and wouldn’t put your wallet high and dry, is an appealing factor for most of us who doesn’t have that bottomless marketing & advertising budget.


For us in real estate, how are we using this mobile marketing  tool to help our conversion rates in our real estate marketing?

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