Connect your Single Property Sites to Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsTracking your Single Property Website’s performance is important: you can analyze your efforts more carefully and see whether or not your listing’s property site is attracting visits. Your Single Property Sites  has a built-in Visitors Statistics that you can regularly check! It will tell you how many Unique Visitors your listing property has accumulated, and also a chart of the page’s impressions.

If you want to have a more in-depth statistics, you can also connect each of your Single Property Sites to your Google Analytics account!  It is easy to do just follow the steps


How to connect Google Analytics to your Single Property Site:

Go to your SPS’s MY SITES Dashboard then select the property that you want to add to your Google Analytics(Click on EDIT & PROMOTE).

Then on the top right corner select VISITOR STATISTICS.

You should be able to see an option to add the listing to your Google Analytics.

It’s going to ask you to input  a TRACKING ID.



Step 1

Log-in to your Google Analytics account and select the ADMIN on the top menu


Step 2 & Step 3

Choose the Account that you want the Single Property Sites to be in — Or you can create a Separate Account for them.  After picking the account, or creating an account, on the PROPERTY section drop down menu select CREATE NEW ACCOUNT.

Google Analytics Single Property Sites

Step 4

Put in the information such as the URL of the listing’s Single Property Site.   And SELECT the  Get TRACKING ID.  Ignore the Tracking Syntax(code), but copy the TRACKING ID

Step 5

Go back to your SPS Account and Paste the ID Tracking onto the box

Google Analytics in Single Property Sites


There you go. You just connected a listing to your Google Analytics. If you don’t want to connect your listing’s Single Property Sites, you can always rely on SPS’s analytics. It will tell you the important performance metrics that you need to know.


*Visitor Statistics and  Google Analytics options are only available for live single property sites.


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