Using Single Property Sites for Real Estate Listings is Quite Effective.

Single Property SiteAre single property sites becoming the standard of real estate listings? If you’re an agent, then you know the nuances of different listing platforms and its effect on the performance of a listing. With the rise of the Internet users across the globe, it also practical to optimize your listing for the web.


Did you know that  58% of American adults own a Smartphone, and 42% own a tablet?  These statistics doesn’t only suggest the importance of technology and its influence to our society’s norms, it also further suggest the importance of the availability of information of a product. It’s apparent that more people are using the Internet for research which then influences their purchasing decision on a product. The more information the user absorbs from a product, the more likely they”ll be engage with it. It is no wonder why having a single property site for a listing is so effective, because of the level of engagement buyers get from a listing is fairly high.


I think one of the biggest draws of single property sites, is that it allows prospective buyers to virtually tour a listing from any location, and from any device: iPhone, web, Ipad, etc. Agents can “dress” the listing with strategic information, photos, and other highlights that could initiate an action from prospective buyers. In the digital age, engagement seems to carry more weight when it comes to content quality. This is how we transfer new prospects into the sales funnel. If we’re engaging someone, we are developing possible interest.  Potential buyers do want to be engage, and they want to be swept off their feet when looking at a particular home. I don’t think that these buyers would want anything less, especially if they are searching for their next financial investment. That’s why we aim for our listing presentation(s) to please, and also to have that “wow” factor that each buyer is hoping for. Using a single property site  achieves all of this.


Single property sites could become the standard for real estate listing. It provides a high level of engagement that most buyers are looking for, and it also offers real estate agents a platform that could be easily optimized, whether for the web, or on mobile devices: tablet, smartphones.

What do you all think? Are you using a single site for your listing and has it been driving high levels of engagement from your audience?  Let us know below.

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