New Design Features for Single Property Sites

We have new design updates for our members!

Wider Page Layout:

Single property sites Tempate-wideSingle Property Sites now offers its members wider page designs. Members can now select the wide, 1050px layout, making their Single Property Sites bigger and wider for new prospects. The wider page layout is in a much higher resolution, giving your new prospect a clear view of your property listing. Use higher resolutions for pictures to sell your listing(s) — this will surely capture the attention of new buyers.

Background Choices:  Besides the wide page layout, members could now change the background of their Single Property Sites from over 200 different pre-set image patterns. This customization adds another level of depth to the customization of a listing’s  Single Property Site.

New Colors: We have added new Themes for you to use for your listings: Luxury, Lifestyle and Web Themes. Check them out and configure each listing to match a theme. Single Property Sites is all about customization, and we give you the tools that you need to make each Single Property Site as unique as possible.

Single Property Sites Themes
New colors and themes are available to use for each of your unique listing.

Video Spokesperson

Members can now choose a video spokesperson for each of their Single Property Sites. The mini video spokesperson welcomes each prospect to a Single Property Site, for a touch of customer service. Adding this feature for each of your listing adds another level of professionalism. *Members can turn this feature On and Off at the EDIT & PROMOTE section.

Other:   Transparent Logos: Transparent Logos are now possible. Transparent Logos allows for a clean, and cohesive branding of your Single Property Sites.

These new design features should be active. To view the design features, and its options click the EDIT & PROMOTE  of the Single Property Site that you want to edit.

Stay tuned for more updates.

*If you want to TRY Single Property Sites click on the link!

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