Advantages of Real Estate Marketing on the Internet

Real Estate Marketing picture by Single Property SitesInternet marketing is essential nowadays for businesses of all kinds. This also resonates well with real estate agents. Real estate marketing is approximately, 80% done online now. The Internet just gives agents a bigger platform to promote their listings, and the good news is that their potential buyers are actively using the Internet: 90% of home buyers are either proactively researching a listing, or they are searching for a specific listing on the Internet. It’s now a must for all real estate agent to include the Internet in their real estate marketing. If you’re one of those skeptics that doesn’t know the advantages and on how it could affect the performance of a listing, then this article is for you; here’s some of the advantages of using the Internet in your real estate marketing:


Increase your Reach

Local forum boards, social media channels, single property sites, and even just a personal website, using these channels can tremendously increase a listing’s reach. The beauty of the Internet landscape is that everything is segmented by location — Google will give high priority to local results. An agent could also, easily market their listing to a specific location via just forums: Craiglists, Government forums, etc. PPC advertising is also another way of increasing one’s reach. PPC Advertising targets specific keywords that a potential buyer might use to describe a product/brand.

Even using social media could garner the same effect. Just keep in mind that not all social media channels are created for the same purpose: you wouldn’t use Facebook, the same way you would use Twitter, etc.  Most social media channels nowadays use hashtags for channels. Agents can use this to direct their content to their targeted audience. They could even join a community or use their own network to find buyers. It’s all about being in the right platform, and at the right time nowadays, and the more presence a listing has, the greater the rate of an agent’s success.


Increase Action of  Buyers by Creating a Persuasive Presentation

A lot of buyers will research a house listing over the Internet before they will contact a real estate agent. Why? First, because it saves them time and energy –it helps them narrow listings down; to make sure that the listing fits what they are seeking. Secondly, it is convenient for them; most home buyers will do random searches of a listing throughout the day/night, on their tablets, Smartphones, and computers. Knowing this, agents can create persuasive presentations of their listings to target these potential home buyers in a 24/7 period.

Agents could even add strategic message(s) on the listing that would make the prospect contact him or her ASAP, example: “For a detailed walk through of the home’s exceptional master bedroom’s space, call me at 909-xxx-xxxx.”  Agents can strategically craft their presentations, which gives them total control on how they would want a prospective buyer to act.


Measurable Results

I think this is one of the best qualities of Internet marketing in general: every marketing campaign can be measured. For those of you who have marketed traditionally: newspaper, magazine, etc., it is quite hard to see the metrics of the performance of the campaigns. Internet marketing just gives us the data analytics right away, so we know what is working from all of our efforts, and what needs to be replaced. From social media, to your own website, you could easily track, how well your listing’s ads and campaigns are performing. With Internet marketing, most marketers can change their efforts, even in the midst of a campaign. This translates to a better investment on the right platforms that works for you.  If you’re not tracking all of your efforts, then you’ll never know the effectiveness of your listing’s strategies for your real estate marketing.



These are just some of the advantages of marketing your listings online. The Internet is an ever growing platform, and as it evolves, so does our techniques in marketing to our audiences.  For now, the Internet proves to be an effective medium for promoting our listing to potential buyers, because it increases a listing’s reach, it gives a higher chance of influencing potential buyers, and most importantly, one can measure all of  his or her efforts, and see whether or not his or her advertising/marketing pieces are generating quality leads. The Internet is a solid medium for real estate marketing. Every real estate agent should be taking advantage of it.


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