Why do you lose leads?

Have you ever wondered why you can get a whole list of leads but you can’t seem to keep them? There are many reasons as to why you might be losing leads, one of them is that you do not impress them and keep them intrigued.

In order to impress your potential sellers you need to be in front of them before they even meet you. Get your listings first, getting them on all websites possible, and making them attractive to your sellers.

Give your sellers their own domain name and website. This is going to make them feel important, like they are a priority and you are going to help them in being successful quicker. By doing this you are going to gain that lead and turn it into a sale for yourself.

Provide them with free options to see your work in action before you ask them for money. This will give them the satisfaction that you are going to provide them with the best possibilities for them.

By keeping your leads intrigued, you are going to notice that you turn more leads into listings. By utilizing Single Property Sites you are going to be working alongside a marketing team that helps you optimize and keep those leads.


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