Craigslist Real Estate Ad Changes

On Monday, Craigslist started making changes to its real estate listings without notice. The way that you format property flyers in Craigslist has been greatly affected, causing many previously posted ads to stop working properly.Craigslist flyers for real estate

What Happened?

Craigslist changed its posting guidelines. You can no longer use div, font, table, image or span html in your listings. All pictures must be uploaded on Craigslist using their upload button, causing those pre-made templates to no longer work. Although it has only taken affect in certain locations such as Texas and Florida, Craigslist will be making the changes to affect all locations site-wide, under all Sales categories.

What does this mean for you?

If you use property flyers that have been pre-made, such as from Single Property Sites, they will no longer work on Craigslist. In order for you to have a real estate listing you now can only add photos if you upload them via Craigslist. HTML no longer works as well, so copy and pasting the same codes into an ad will no longer be effective for you. All of your photos and text are more important than ever.

What can you do?

Create your ads with text-only options. Forego the pre-made templates because they are all HTML based. Any of your previously posted ads need to be deleted or updated to text-only. It is more important than ever that you craft your Craigslist ads properly because now you do not have the rich graphic content to do all of the work for you.

Although hyperlinks will no longer work, you can still add the full link into the ad. For example, a hyperlink means you could say “for more information, go here.” Now you will have to put “for more information, visit the website at” This gives you the opportunity to create outstanding landing pages, influencing your online presence.

What is Single Property Sites doing to help you?

We will be providing new craigslist flyer options within a few days that work with the new posting guidelines.

With this html and hyperlink change in Craigslist many real estate agents are going to have to adjust their Craigslist advertising. Single Property Sites can help you discover the best way to showcase your listings!


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    1. Hi Jeff! Thanks for your comment. If you go to Edit and Promote for your property and look in the 3rd column for the item that says “Post to Craigslist.” You should see a bunch of options, but you will only be able to select this if the property site is turned on. Please let me know if this answered your question and if you have any other questions!

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