How I wasted 2 weeks on Windows 8

Be very careful about upgrading to Windows 8 or simply buying a new PC with Windows 8 on it. I thought moving to Windows 8 would be like a better version of Windows 7 – how wrong I was.

2 weeks after getting my new PC I took it back to the store as I had not had 1 hour of productivity on it.

Microsoft created Windows 8 for mobile devices and if you have a desktop and use regular desktop applications for business I guarantee you will end up in a state of extreme frustration.

There are some folks out there that have created tools to help – like “Classic Shell” – but at the end of the day Microsoft is essentially ignoring all the business users of Windows that rely on desktop applications, keyboard and a mouse.

Maybe in 1-2 years they will have corrected this almighty blunder – but for now I won’t be touching Windows 8 even if you paid me.

You have been warned.

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