3 Simple Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads on Craigslist

Real Estate Marketing on Craigslist :: Single Property SitesAs a Real Estate Agent it’s likely you have used Craigslist for marketing real estate listings at some point or another in order to generate more leads or website traffic. The question is, are you using Craigslist in a way that is effectively generating leads or chasing them away?

Below are 3 simple things to consider when making your next Craigslist posting:


1) Do the headlines of your posts make people want to click?
It’s no lie that Craigslist is not a flashy looking website. It is very basic and quite boring. When potential clients browse the site, they are faced with long pages filled with links to different ads. It’s very easy for yours to get lost in the mix. The most important thing in effectively using Craigslist for real estate marketing is to get people to click on your ad.

  • Don’t use all capital letters in your headline – While many Real Estate Agents might think that writing a headline in all capital letters makes their ad stand out, it will also make your ad look like unprofessional and even “spammy”.
  • Spelling and grammar is key – Nothing will kill your credibility quicker than typos and grammar issues.
  • Motivations are important – Think about why someone would be looking at Craigslist in the first place. Are they a prospective buyer or are they trying to sell their home? Place yourself in their shoes and write your headlines to cater to their needs.
  • Don’t use the same headlines over and over again – Mix up your headlines from time and time to test which ones are more effective.


2) Write eye-catching ad content.
Once you do get people to click on your ad after posting a great headline, it’s time to keep their interest and drive your point home.

  • Be honest – Don’t promise people the world in your ads if you cannot deliver. Once they discover your ad is filled with promises you cannot keep, you have lost that person forever (along with any of their friends who they tell as well).
  • Spelling and grammar is key (always!) – Again, remember that spell check is your friend when it comes to posting effective ads.
  • Utilize images along with text – Many Agents will create an image with text on it that includes all of the information they want to present in their ad. This typically looks fantastic when done correctly, but it is terrible for search engines. Be sure to incorporate regular text in your ad along with any pictures, and incorporate your target keywords into this text.


3) Other best practices for generating real estate leads on Craigslist:
In addition to creating catchy headlines and engaging content, there are a few other very important things to remember.

  • Don’t simply link the ad back to your homepage. They will likely get lost in your website and leave. Link them directly to the sign up form or wherever you want potential customers go for more information on your specific services.
  • Don’t keep posting the same ad over and over. If people keep seeing the same headlines or content every day, they will become desensitized and uninterested.
  • Include your contact information directly in the ad.
  • Don’t only post in your city. Post in all surrounding cities as well.
  • Don’t overload your ads with too much information.

While these are just a few examples, they will go a long way in helping you to perfect your Craigslist ads. Incorporate Craigslist into your overall real estate marketing strategy and start generating more leads!

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