Home sellers twice as likely to sell home using REALTOR® than going FSBO

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In case you need some convincing stats to use in your next listing presentation, a recent survey conducted by HomeGain concluded that sellers are 120% more likely to successfully sell their home using a Real Estate Agent than selling on their own.

Over 400 homeowners were surveyed on whether they used a REALTOR to sell their home or if they went the FSBO route. The results concluded that 66% of sellers who used an Agent were successful, compared to only 30% of FSBOs.

Of those surveyed who sold their home using a REALTOR, a whopping 89% responded that they would use a REALTOR again with their future buying and selling needs. On the other hand, 90% of FSBOs who sold their home said they would do it on their own again the next time.

“The value of a REALTOR in a real estate transaction is made strikingly apparent in our 2012 FSBO vs. REALTOR survey of home sellers,” said Louis Cammaroano, General Manager of HomeGain. “A qualified REALTOR understands the dynamics of the market and can better assist home sellers in the pricing and preparation of their homes for sale.”

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