Support for Third Level Domains for your Single Property Sites

It is now possible for you to assign your own 3rd level domains to your single property sites. For example:

What is a 3rd level domain?

A Third level domain is a way of creating additional domain addresses from your existing domain name (that you own). For example, our main site is

The actual ‘domain’ that we have registered is “” and we can replace the “www” part with another word to create a 3rd level domain. For example:

How do I set this up?

First – this feature only applies where you already have your domain name registered with a third party such as GODADDY, or, where you can adjust the DNS settings for your domain name.

Second – set up your third level domain name in your Registrar account to point to our DNS records:

(NOTE: please contact your registrar if you need technical help with setting DNS)

Third – in your SPS account, go to the Domain Name setting page for your site and choose the option that says “Click Here if you want to use a domain name you already own.

On the next page, in the main field, type in the full 3rd level domain that you want to use. See the image below that shows how this would be done for

That’s it! As long as the DNS are registered correctly, your third level domain name will start to work within a day or so.

(Note – our free SMS TXT service requires a unique domain name, so 3rd level domains do not have SMS TXT service)

2 thoughts on “Support for Third Level Domains for your Single Property Sites”

  1. Will texting work for each subdomain? For example, lets say I have 2 separate single property sites at and Will texting work for each subdomain site?

  2. Eric – the free SMS TXT flyer service that’s built-in to SPS does require that a unique domain name is assigned to a property – so this feature will not work for SMS TXT. We are considering expanding this feature to work more broadly. Watch out for news on this.

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