Blogs as a Real Estate Marketing Tool

Agent Genius
continues to chronicle the top 10 reasons to use blogging to build your business, with this post on using the blog as a way to put a face on your company.

This is a concept that I think many in the real estate industry get faster than others.  So many Realtors today are incorporating a blog as part of their personal real estate site, recognizing that it is a valuable tool to drive business.  Why is this?  Realtors’ business live or die based on their ability to market themselves personally.  A successful Realtor is trusted and well-known by his client base.  A blog, when well done, is a chance to really promote yourself personally, to give readers an idea of who you are and what you are about.  This makes it a valuable tool in real estate marketing, and Agent Genius does a good job of summing this up.

The question is how long it will take other industries to recognize the value in blogging.  Big companies in particular haven’t really caught on with the blog, opting to use their Web sites to announce new products or services.  This can be a component to the blog, but it shouldn’t be the only piece.  A good blog gives readers a reason to come back and tells them something about the author themselves.  For now, this is something those involved in real estate marketing understand better than others.

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