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Each and every one of us works our tail off to make a living in real estate. But many times, we are products of our environments. Some of us live in areas where the market is extremely hot, while others are still struggling a bit to claw back after the housing market crash several years ago.

A new study conducted by SmartAsset revealed the 10 best cities for real estate agents in 2015.

The top 3 cities are:

1) Reno, NV
NAR statistics show the median home value in Reno jumped over 17% between Q1 of 2014 and Q1 in 2015. These higher prices have helped agents to net higher commissions, and the hot market means these agents are doing more business.

2) Lincoln, NE
A high turnover rate combined with a high rate of appreciation means more business and more commissions for agents.

3) Denver, CO
The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Denver agents made a median income of $63,000/year, which is the third-most out of any city in the study.

The remaining cities include:

4) Salem, OR

5) Peoria, IL

6) Port St. Lucie, FL

7) Mobile, AL

8) Eugene, OR

9) Cedar Rapids, IA

10 Las Vegas, NV


Did your city make the list?

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We have listened to your recent feedback, and have made some updates to the way the SMS text message lead capture service works.

As part of our Enhanced Lead Capture (ELC) service, every one of your listings is assigned a phone number with a different extension (such as EXT 1000) for buyers to call and receive more information about the property.

One of the ways buyers can use this to receive more information is to send a text message with the unique extension code. They will then receive a text property flyer, link to the mobile site, and your contact info.

Some people were running into problems however, since the system required the buyer to insert the space between “EXT” and “1000” (or whatever the property extension is. We have changed this so it doesn’t matter whether or not they insert the space, or they simply write it all as one word.

For example, “EXT1000″ would previously not work. The buyer would have to make sure to type in “EXT 1000″. Now both methods will work. This ensures that you are not missing out on any leads!

Click here to learn more about SMS text lead capture.

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We’ve been busy making some enhancements / updates to our most popular features lately, and one of those are Sign Riders. We have added a wide variety of additional color schemes to choose from when ordering Sign Riders, which gives you a way to match your current branding and company color scheme.

If you have a color scheme in mind that we don’t currently offer, we will create it for you! All you have to do is submit a support ticket and we will help walk you through the steps.

Here are some of the new color schemes now available:

Sign Riders :: Call Capture :: SPS Property Marketing

Sign Riders :: Call Capture :: SPS Property Marketing

Sign Riders :: Call Capture :: SPS Property Marketing


Click here for more information on Sign Riders from SPS Property Marketing


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***UPDATE: The information below was written BEFORE the April 7th deadline. Zillow and Trulia have now officially stopped receiving listing data from the ListHub syndication service. If your brokerage or MLS do not have a syndication solution in place, then your listings are NOT automatically appearing on the two biggest consumer real estate portals. Sign up for a FREE trial to see how SPS Property Marketing is your new syndication solution.***

There’s probably no doubt that you’ve heard about the whole debacle between the ListHub listing syndication service (owned by Move, Inc) and Zillow (who also owns Trulia). The situation has been quite fluid and has changed quickly over the past few weeks.

In a court hearing yesterday (March 12th), the current temporary restraining order against ListHub was lifted by a San Francisco Superior Court judge and an agreement was reached to continue providing a data feed to Trulia until April 7, which is the same day a syndication agreement between Zillow and ListHub officially ends as well.

In other words, Trulia, the second most popular consumer-facing real estate website, now has less than a month to come up with a different data source for more than a quarter of its listings.

This news may not matter for brokerages and agents who are members of MLSs that already have agreements in place and feed listings to the major consumer real estate portals, but for those who have solely relied on ListHub in the past for listing syndication, the time has come to find another solution.

So if you’re in the group of agent or brokerages that are looking for a new way to make sure your listings continue to appear on all major real estate portals (including Zillow and Trulia) and be viewed by thousands of potential buyers, below are a few options to consider:

  1. Manual input – Trulia and Zillow both allow you to manually input your current listings, including all photos and information. This can obviously become a very tedious process for an agent or brokerage with a large amount of listings, and can become a full time job all by itself. This is not very scalable.
  2. Third party products –  Here at SPS Property Marketing, we provide individual agents and entire brokerages alike with solutions for marketing their listings, including syndication to all major real estate portals. While the AUTOMATED syndication piece is of course a big deal, we also provide all sorts of additional features and benefits for a nominal monthly or per-listing fee.
  3. Contact your MLS – Many MLSs already pushes out data to all of these real estate websites, which is of course great for agents in those MLSs. But if your MLS currently does not have an agreement in place with Zillow / Trulia, consider contacting them. If enough of the agents and brokers in your area do the same thing, the MLS will likely have to listen (eventually).

Will YOU or your brokerage be affected by this change? If so, what solutions do you have in place to make sure your listings continue to be viewed by the masses of homebuyers out there?

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Zillow Trulia ListHub :: SPS Property Marketing :: Single Property SitesIf you keep up on your real estate industry news, there’s no doubt you’ve probably heard about the recent developments between ListHub, Zillow, and Trulia.

In case you haven’t kept up to date on the fast-paced developments, here is a brief recap of what has happened up until now:

ListHub recently announced that it would end its syndication agreements with Trulia and Zillow beginning February 26th. This news came on the heels of Zillow finally closing the deal on their acquisition of Trulia this past week after a six-month investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Basically this meant that if you use ListHub to send your listings to Trulia, they would no longer appear on Trulia after February 26. Additionally, April 8 was to mark the beginning of the same thing for those agents who use ListHub to send their listing to Zillow as well. The developments came fast and furious, and late last week Zillow announced that it has filed for a temporary restraining order on ListHub to keep listing going to Trulia.

Then the news broke yesterday that Judge Ernest Goldsmith of the San Francisco Superior Court granted Zillow’s restraining order and set a court date of March 12, meaning ListHub must continue to send listings to Trulia until at least that date.

According to Trulia’s president Paul Levine, “The court’s order is a win for brokers, agents and the home sellers they represent. Since News Corp announced its decision on Friday to prematurely cut off the listing feed to Trulia, we’ve received an influx of calls from MLSs and brokers who were concerned that they and their clients wouldn’t be able to effectively market their listings ahead of the home shopping season”.

What does it all really mean? 

Well that depends on who you ask. On one hand, some agents now see ListHub’s parent, Move Inc. (a News Corp. subsidiary), as the playground bully. On the other hand, there are quite a few folks who applaud Move’s decision to end its agreements.

There are a few important questions that come to mind from this whole situation:

1) What is Zillow’s real “beef”?
Zillow claims it’s not necessarily about whether listings themselves continue to flow to Trulia, and says it is instead over the short notice that Move gave Trulia before pulling its listings.

2) Why wasn’t Zillow prepared?
Move Inc and ListHub brought up a very valid question – why wasn’t Zillow prepared for this type of a situation? Doesn’t Zillow have the ability to simply push all of its listing data to Trulia to replace the ListHub data?

3) What will happen from here?
Well, there’s really no telling what will happen… Perhaps Zillow will come out victorious and things will remain the same. Or perhaps brokers and agents need to start thinking about what they are going to do in case ListHub data no longer gets pushed out to T & Z!

Check back for more updates as they develop!

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Trelora :: My Buying Buddy IDX CRM

If you practice real estate in Denver, you have likely already heard about the major controversy surrounding Denver-based brokerage Trelora, especially the news over the past couple of weeks.

Although this topic probably only interests my fellow Coloradoans, I wanted to post this and see what other agents around the country think about all of this.

If you have not heard, Trelora recently came under fire after they announced the launch of a searchable database that revealed specific brokerage commission amounts offered on every property in the Denver metro area. The database allowed home buyers to see the actual dollar amount a seller had set aside to pay a buyer’s agent. REColorado (a Denver MLS) then slapped Trelora with a cease-and-desist letter, claiming that the company had broken MLS rules that say brokers “may not distribute, provide or make any portion of the MLS database available to any person or entity that is not authorized by the MLS Rules & Regulations.”

Trelora has already created a stir in the Denver market because of their unique commission structure (or lack thereof). Trelora has done away with the practice of listing agents taking a listing at 6% and giving 2.8% to the buyer’s agent, and instead charges sellers a flat $3000 fee to pay the buyer’s agent. The listing agent only gets paid when they help a seller find a new home. In other words, it doesnt matter whether the purchase price is $100,000 or $900,000 the agent representing the buyer will still receive $3000 paid for by the seller.

Since REColorado issued their cease-and-desist letter, Trelora responded by agreeing to take down the commission displays from their database. They also attempted to throw other local brokerages under the bus by submitting a list of over 60 infractions of REcolorado rules across 30 other real estate websites.


So my questions to all of you are:

What do you think of the waves Trelora is making here in Denver?

Is this the type of change the real estate industry desperately needs, or is it just a desperate attempt for a company to make a name for themselves?

What would you think if a company in YOUR area did the same thing?

Please post your opinions in the comments below!

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In order to stay up to date with Google’s ever-changing search engine optimization (SEO) policies, we have updated the way property sites are optimized. The updates will help potential buyers find your properties in Internet searches and increase visibility for your listings!

Whenever a new single property site is created in your account, you’ll see a bunch of options for promoting those sites (directions below). An important marketing feature available on all of your sites is the “search engine metadata” option that can be found on the “Edit & Promote” page in your account.

This allows you to manually adjust the SEO tags (the keywords search engines look for when determining where your website shows up in search results). From here you can configure:


This is probably the most important tag with the biggest impact on the visibility of your property site in search engines. This tag is what shows up as a clickable link in search results. When determining what to type in here, be sure to think about the specific keywords potential buyers are searching for, and include them here. Try to stay away from using punctuation, and be sure to keep this to about 12 words maximum.

META Description 

This should be a short paragraph or one sentence about the property. Don’t go crazy here! Make the description re-enforce the TITLE tag by reusing your main keywords whenever possible.

To configure your metadata options:

1) Log in to access your account dashboard

2) Scroll down near the bottom of this “Manage Sites” page, and click the “Edit & Promote” link to the right of the property site you want to configure.

3) Click the “Search Engine Metadata” link under the Promotion column

4) Follow the instructions on the right side of the page, and click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page.

We have made this as easy as possible, and all you have to do is fill out the fields and click the save button. The information will then automatically be put into the HTML code of your single property site, so you never have to worry about messing around with headache-causing HTML!