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Google AnalyticsTracking your Single Property Website’s performance is important: you can analyze your efforts more carefully and see whether or not your listing’s property site is attracting visits. Your Single Property Sites  has a built-in Visitors Statistics that you can regularly check! It will tell you how many Unique Visitors your listing property has accumulated, and also a chart of the page’s impressions.

If you want to have a more in-depth statistics, you can also connect each of your Single Property Sites to your Google Analytics account!  It is easy to do just follow the steps


How to connect Google Analytics to your Single Property Site:

Go to your SPS’s MY SITES Dashboard then select the property that you want to add to your Google Analytics(Click on EDIT & PROMOTE).

Then on the top right corner select VISITOR STATISTICS.

You should be able to see an option to add the listing to your Google Analytics.

It’s going to ask you to input  a TRACKING ID.



Step 1

Log-in to your Google Analytics account and select the ADMIN on the top menu


Step 2 & Step 3

Choose the Account that you want the Single Property Sites to be in — Or you can create a Separate Account for them.  After picking the account, or creating an account, on the PROPERTY section drop down menu select CREATE NEW ACCOUNT.

Google Analytics Single Property Sites

Step 4

Put in the information such as the URL of the listing’s Single Property Site.   And SELECT the  Get TRACKING ID.  Ignore the Tracking Syntax(code), but copy the TRACKING ID

Step 5

Go back to your SPS Account and Paste the ID Tracking onto the box

Google Analytics in Single Property Sites


There you go. You just connected a listing to your Google Analytics. If you don’t want to connect your listing’s Single Property Sites, you can always rely on SPS’s analytics. It will tell you the important performance metrics that you need to know.


*Visitor Statistics and  Google Analytics options are only available for live single property sites.


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Are QR codes still worth using for our real estate marketing campaigns? Yes, we definitely still think so. There have been a lot of noise about the QR code’s death last 2013; many websites were glorifying other alternatives such as custom mobile applications, and even the more advanced alternative to a QR code called Augmented Reality advertising. Compare the QR code to these other alternatives, the QR code does look outdated, but rest assure, QR codes are still surviving. We can still definitely use QR codes in our real estate marketing and get desirable results.


QR codes are still popular and still widely used by digital marketersConsumers are still engaged by QR codes

Did you know that over 750 million Smartphone users all over the world have downloaded a QR scanner app? And in North America, 83% are aware of  QR codes and its purpose.  Also, 47% have used their mobile devices to scan a QR code.


Last 2013, a number of marketers have used QR codes in their marketing campaigns to engage their target audience. Marketers and advertisers used QR codes on their print copies, mobile marketing pieces, websites and also on their social media channels.


When it comes to performance, 34% of marketers said that they were highly effective in getting conversions, while 49% of marketers said that the QR code had a modest effect on the conversion rate.


QR Codes are gaining popularity with a certain age group


According to a 2013 statistics, 57% of mobile scanners are from the 35+ age group. What’s surprising is that last 2012, there were only 41% mobile scanners in this age group. The 16% increase shows that this age group, especially the 45-60 range, are more likely to be engaged in a mobile marketing tactic.


Why is it more popular with the older adults? It is hard to pinpoint the exact reason why there’s an increase in usage of mobile scanning with older adults. Most QR codes and barcodes are used in promotional pieces (coupons, offers, rates & discounts, etc.) and this could be why most older adults are more likely to interact with QR codes than the younger generation.


Wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.


With these statistics, it is still evident that QR codes are still widely used by most digital marketers & advertisers out there, and most importantly, consumers are still responding to QR codes.  QR codes has been around for almost 20 years now and even though there are other more advanced alternatives out there –that will cost an arm and a leg to develop– it will still take time for these new technologies to catch up to the QR code’s global popularity and ease of use. The fact that QR codes are fairly easy to generate and wouldn’t put your wallet high and dry, is an appealing factor for most of us who doesn’t have that bottomless marketing & advertising budget.


For us in real estate, how are we using this mobile marketing  tool to help our conversion rates in our real estate marketing?

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We have new design updates for our members!

Wider Page Layout:

Single property sites Tempate-wideSingle Property Sites now offers its members wider page designs. Members can now select the wide, 1050px layout, making their Single Property Sites bigger and wider for new prospects. The wider page layout is in a much higher resolution, giving your new prospect a clear view of your property listing. Use higher resolutions for pictures to sell your listing(s) — this will surely capture the attention of new buyers.

Background Choices:  Besides the wide page layout, members could now change the background of their Single Property Sites from over 200 different pre-set image patterns. This customization adds another level of depth to the customization of a listing’s  Single Property Site.

New Colors: We have added new Themes for you to use for your listings: Luxury, Lifestyle and Web Themes. Check them out and configure each listing to match a theme. Single Property Sites is all about customization, and we give you the tools that you need to make each Single Property Site as unique as possible.

Single Property Sites Themes

New colors and themes are available to use for each of your unique listing.

Video Spokesperson

Members can now choose a video spokesperson for each of their Single Property Sites. The mini video spokesperson welcomes each prospect to a Single Property Site, for a touch of customer service. Adding this feature for each of your listing adds another level of professionalism. *Members can turn this feature On and Off at the EDIT & PROMOTE section.

Other:   Transparent Logos: Transparent Logos are now possible. Transparent Logos allows for a clean, and cohesive branding of your Single Property Sites.

These new design features should be active. To view the design features, and its options click the EDIT & PROMOTE  of the Single Property Site that you want to edit.

Stay tuned for more updates.

*If you want to TRY Single Property Sites click on the link!

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Real Estate Marketing picture by Single Property SitesInternet marketing is essential nowadays for businesses of all kinds. This also resonates well with real estate agents. Real estate marketing is approximately, 80% done online now. The Internet just gives agents a bigger platform to promote their listings, and the good news is that their potential buyers are actively using the Internet: 90% of home buyers are either proactively researching a listing, or they are searching for a specific listing on the Internet. It’s now a must for all real estate agent to include the Internet in their real estate marketing. If you’re one of those skeptics that doesn’t know the advantages and on how it could affect the performance of a listing, then this article is for you; here’s some of the advantages of using the Internet in your real estate marketing:


Increase your Reach

Local forum boards, social media channels, single property sites, and even just a personal website, using these channels can tremendously increase a listing’s reach. The beauty of the Internet landscape is that everything is segmented by location — Google will give high priority to local results. An agent could also, easily market their listing to a specific location via just forums: Craiglists, Government forums, etc. PPC advertising is also another way of increasing one’s reach. PPC Advertising targets specific keywords that a potential buyer might use to describe a product/brand.

Even using social media could garner the same effect. Just keep in mind that not all social media channels are created for the same purpose: you wouldn’t use Facebook, the same way you would use Twitter, etc.  Most social media channels nowadays use hashtags for channels. Agents can use this to direct their content to their targeted audience. They could even join a community or use their own network to find buyers. It’s all about being in the right platform, and at the right time nowadays, and the more presence a listing has, the greater the rate of an agent’s success.


Increase Action of  Buyers by Creating a Persuasive Presentation

A lot of buyers will research a house listing over the Internet before they will contact a real estate agent. Why? First, because it saves them time and energy –it helps them narrow listings down; to make sure that the listing fits what they are seeking. Secondly, it is convenient for them; most home buyers will do random searches of a listing throughout the day/night, on their tablets, Smartphones, and computers. Knowing this, agents can create persuasive presentations of their listings to target these potential home buyers in a 24/7 period.

Agents could even add strategic message(s) on the listing that would make the prospect contact him or her ASAP, example: “For a detailed walk through of the home’s exceptional master bedroom’s space, call me at 909-xxx-xxxx.”  Agents can strategically craft their presentations, which gives them total control on how they would want a prospective buyer to act.


Measurable Results

I think this is one of the best qualities of Internet marketing in general: every marketing campaign can be measured. For those of you who have marketed traditionally: newspaper, magazine, etc., it is quite hard to see the metrics of the performance of the campaigns. Internet marketing just gives us the data analytics right away, so we know what is working from all of our efforts, and what needs to be replaced. From social media, to your own website, you could easily track, how well your listing’s ads and campaigns are performing. With Internet marketing, most marketers can change their efforts, even in the midst of a campaign. This translates to a better investment on the right platforms that works for you.  If you’re not tracking all of your efforts, then you’ll never know the effectiveness of your listing’s strategies for your real estate marketing.



These are just some of the advantages of marketing your listings online. The Internet is an ever growing platform, and as it evolves, so does our techniques in marketing to our audiences.  For now, the Internet proves to be an effective medium for promoting our listing to potential buyers, because it increases a listing’s reach, it gives a higher chance of influencing potential buyers, and most importantly, one can measure all of  his or her efforts, and see whether or not his or her advertising/marketing pieces are generating quality leads. The Internet is a solid medium for real estate marketing. Every real estate agent should be taking advantage of it.


*For more info on how Single Property Sites can benefit your online marketing click here

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24/7 Single Property SitsesI believe one of the biggest hurdles that marketers face is the commitment to their marketing efforts. The Internet never sleeps, add with the proliferation of mobile communication devices: Smartphones, tablets, purse size laptops — MacAir, marketers and advertisers are now required to somehow, be “on” the faces of their audiences every time: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – Yes holidays too– and  in every platform.


The Internet changed how information is divulged onto different media platforms.  A lot of our audience expect their queries to be answered in a single Google search –whether on a mobile device, or on a computer– for some excessive research could lead to abandonment of their query. Our audiences just expect a brand’s information to be searchable, they want to be satisfied with our communications, and they want us to answer their questions immediately.


In real estate, why wouldn’t you want your listings to be online 24 hours a day, seven days a week?  Home buyers are out there actively researching their next home on their computers, and they are not on a predefined schedule. And we can’t really put  buyers into one category, because all of them will have a different work/lifestyle: Some might work all night then sleep all day, there are some who work 2-3 jobs within a 24 hour period that can only access the Internet sporadically through their mobile device, and then there are those who are in a different time zone. Everyone walks a different path of life, and a listing that is  accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week is definitely an advantage.


Marketing for 24 hours a day, seven days a week is now a must for all products/brands. It pays to be everywhere in the digital landscape, regardless of what you’re peddling. Agents, how often are you putting your product unto the faces of your audiences? Are your listings easily accessible, and are you satisfying the queries of your prospective buyers?

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Single Property SiteAre single property sites becoming the standard of real estate listings? If you’re an agent, then you know the nuances of different listing platforms and its effect on the performance of a listing. With the rise of the Internet users across the globe, it also practical to optimize your listing for the web.


Did you know that  58% of American adults own a Smartphone, and 42% own a tablet?  These statistics doesn’t only suggest the importance of technology and its influence to our society’s norms, it also further suggest the importance of the availability of information of a product. It’s apparent that more people are using the Internet for research which then influences their purchasing decision on a product. The more information the user absorbs from a product, the more likely they”ll be engage with it. It is no wonder why having a single property site for a listing is so effective, because of the level of engagement buyers get from a listing is fairly high.


I think one of the biggest draws of single property sites, is that it allows prospective buyers to virtually tour a listing from any location, and from any device: iPhone, web, Ipad, etc. Agents can “dress” the listing with strategic information, photos, and other highlights that could initiate an action from prospective buyers. In the digital age, engagement seems to carry more weight when it comes to content quality. This is how we transfer new prospects into the sales funnel. If we’re engaging someone, we are developing possible interest.  Potential buyers do want to be engage, and they want to be swept off their feet when looking at a particular home. I don’t think that these buyers would want anything less, especially if they are searching for their next financial investment. That’s why we aim for our listing presentation(s) to please, and also to have that “wow” factor that each buyer is hoping for. Using a single property site  achieves all of this.


Single property sites could become the standard for real estate listing. It provides a high level of engagement that most buyers are looking for, and it also offers real estate agents a platform that could be easily optimized, whether for the web, or on mobile devices: tablet, smartphones.

What do you all think? Are you using a single site for your listing and has it been driving high levels of engagement from your audience?  Let us know below.

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How successful was 2013 for you? As we close in on yet another year, you might be asking yourself, “where did the year go?” and “did I do everything I wanted this year?” If you find yourself feeling disappointed with 2013, now is the time to start planning your 2014 and making it the year that you are going to impress sellers immensely. Here are some tips on how to impress sellers in 2014.

You can easily impress sellers in the upcoming year by having an outstanding website dedicated for them. Making it easy for a seller to find everything that they need is the difference between a sale for you and a sale for your competition. Make your site as easy to navigate as possible, showcasing all of your hard work and that you are dedicated to what you do.

Make sure that the properties available are easy to find and that you have excellent photos of the property. There is nothing more deterring than poor photography. You want to have professional photos taken to showcase the entire home so that there is an understand of what it is up front.

What is even better than having one website for all of your listings is to have a single website dedicated for every individual listing. This provides you with the opportunity to give your sellers a whole website dedicated to what’s in the area, features, photos, slideshows and contact information. You will find it is easy to set up single websites for every property and you do not have to deal with the hassles of marketing the property on your own.

Single Property Sites can help you with impressing sellers in 2014 by offering you the marketing and website tools that you need.